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Grain, feed, Fertilizer Solutions

Require large production capacity, both rotary dryer and belt dryer are common

Different heat sources available, Generally are electricity, steam, natural gas, diesel, biomass pellets, coal, firewood. If there are other heat source, please also contact us for design.(You can click each heat source to check our heaters)

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Please contact us, And at least let us know what stuffs need to be processed and how much per hour, so we can make a basic design for you.


Rotary drum dryer is one of the most traditional drying equipment. Because of its stable operation and wide application, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, agricultural and sideline products processing and other fields.
The wet material is sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor or bucket elevator and added by the feed port. The main body of the rotary drum dryer is a cylinder with slight inclination and can rotate. When the material enters into the cylinder, it is dried in direct or counter current with the hot air passing through the cylinder or in effective contact with the heated wall. After drying, the product is discharged from the lower part of the other end. In the drying process, the material moves from the higher end to the lower end under the action of gravity with the help of the slow rotation of the cylinder. The inner wall of the cylinder is equipped with a forward reading board, which constantly picks up and drinks the materials, greatly increasing the hot contact surface of the materials.



1.Large production capacity for continuous operation
2.Simple structure, low failure rate, low maintenance cost, convenient and stable operation
3.Wide applicability, suitable for drying powdered, granular, strip, and block materials, with large operational flexibility, allowing for large fluctuations in production without affecting product quality




The Belt dryer is a commonly used continuous drying equipment, which is widely used in the drying of sheet, strip, block, filter cake, and granular in the processing of agricultural products, food, pharmaceuticals, and feed production industries. It is particularly suitable for stuffs with high moisture content, such as vegetables and traditional herbal medicine, for which high drying temperatures are not allowed. The machine uses hot air as the drying medium to continuously and mutually contact with those wet stuffs, let the moisture to disperse, vaporize, and evaporate with heat, resulting in fast drying, high evaporation intensity, and good quality of dried products.
It can be divided into single-layer belt dryers and multi-layer belt dryers. The source can be coal, electricity, oil, gas, or steam. The belt can be made of stainless steel, high temperature resistant non-stick material, steel plate, and steel belt. Under standard conditions, it can also be designed according to the characteristics of different stuffs, the machine with the characteristics of small footprint, compact structure, and high thermal efficiency. Especially suitable for drying stuffs with high-moisture, low-temperature drying required, and need a good appearance.



Low investment, fast drying, and high evaporation intensity.
High efficiency, large output, and good product quality.
Standardized production, and the number of sections can be increased according to requirements.
Air volume, heating temperature, stuffs residence time, and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect
Flexible equipment configuration with the use of mesh belt flushing system and stuff cooling system.
Most of air is circulates, savings energy significantly.
Unique air distribution device is providing more even hot air distribution, ensure consistent product quality.
The heat source can be steam, air energy pump, thermal ol, electric, or gas, biomass furnace.


This equipment is mainly suitable for drying small pieces of stuffs as well as sheet, strip and granular with good fiber and good air permeability. its very suitable for products such as vegetables and traditional medicine pieces that have high moisture content, cannot be dried at high temperatures, and require final shape of the stuff to be maintained. Typical materials include konjac, pepper, jujube, wolfberry, honeysuckle. yuanhu slices, chuanxiong slices, chrysanthemums, grass, dried radish, day lilies, etc.





Post time: May-16-2024