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WesternFlag–Multi-functional Small Electric Drying Cabinet

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1. Three fans, the upper and lower layers are evenly dried: three high-temperature fans are used, instead of ordinary fans, three machines blow out from the side of the machine, and the heat generated by the heat pipe is evenly blown to each layer of the net disk, and the heat is very uniform, no need to change up and down.

2. High temperature fan: high temperature fan, can work continuously in the working environment above 150 degrees, while the ordinary fan at the temperature of 70 degrees, the plastic parts inside the fan will be deformed and melted, can not run for a long time.

3 Finned heat pipe, power saving: ordinary heat pipe surface red, uneven heating, but also affect the service life. The finned heating tube has no red surface, high thermal efficiency, power saving, uniform heating, and long service life.

4. Steel pipe structure, stainless steel net plate: the machine skeleton are made of stainless steel pipe, durable. Food grade 304 stainless steel net plate, clean and hygienic.

5. Large capacity, you can customize the number of layers: the machine is usually divided into 10 layers, 15 layers and 20 layers, you can also customize different layers. The net disk is large, the size is 55X60CM. The internal space of the machine is large, and it can dry a variety of items

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This multi-functional small electric drying carbinet developed by WesternFlag has powerful functions and large capacity, which can be used for food, meat products, herbs, fruits and vegetables, sausage, dried fish, shrimp, fruits, mushrooms, tea and so on. The drying speed is fast, the drying is dry, the effect is good. Cost short drying time, and good drying effect.




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