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WesternFlag – ZL-1 Model Steam Air Heater With Upper Inlet And Lower Outlet

Short Description:


1.  Basic construction, appealing appearance, inexpensive.

2.  Finned tubes made of steel and aluminum, efficient heat exchange. The underlying tube is comprised of seamless tube 8163, which is resistant to pressure and long-lasting.

3.  Electrical steam valve regulates the inflow, automatically shutting off or opening in accordance with the preset temperature to precisely manage the temperature.

4.  Substantial air flow and minimal air temperature fluctuations.

5.  Insulation box with dense fire-resistant rock wool to prevent heat loss.

6.  Fans resistant to high temperatures and high humidity with an IP54 protection rating and insulation rating of H-class.

Product Detail

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The ZL-1 vapor air warmer comprises six components: fin tube made of steel and aluminum + electrical vapor valve + waste valve + heat insulation box + blower + electrical control system. Vapor travels through the fin tube, releasing heat to the insulation box, blending and warming the fresh or recycled air to the desired temperature, and the blowers convey the hot air to the drying or heating space for the purposes of dehydration, dehumidification, or heating.


Model ZL1
(Upper Inlet and Lower outlet)
Output heat
Output temperature
Output air volume
Material Heat exchange mode Medium Pressure Flow
Parts Applications
Steam direct heater
10 Normal temperature - 100 4000--20000 360 770*1300*1330 1.6 1. 8163 seamless carbon steel pipe2. Aluminum heat exchange fins3. High-density fire-resistant rock wool for box4. Sheet metal parts are sprayed with plastic; remaining carbon steel5. Can be customized by your requirements Tube + fin 1. Steam2. Hot water3. heat transfer oil ≤1.5MPa 160 1. 1 set of electric valve + bypass2. 1 set of trap + bypass3. 1 set of Steam radiator4. 1-2 pcs induced draft fans5. 1 pcs furnace body6. 1 pcs electric control box 1. Supporting drying room, dryer and drying bed.2, Vegetables, Flowers and other planting greenhouses3, Chickens, ducks, pigs, cows and other brooding rooms4, workshop, shopping mall, mine heating5. Plastic spraying, sand blasting and spray booth6. Rapid hardening of concrete pavement7. And more
Steam direct heater
20 480 1000*1300*1530 3.1 320
Steam direct heater
30 550 1200*1300*1530 4.5 500
40, 50, 70, 100 and above can be customized.

Working Schematic Diagram



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